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The PHEM Feedback team, in association with East of England Ambulance Service Trust and our hosts the University of Hertfordshire, hosted Showcase on 13th February 2019.

The day:

Our panel of expert speakers covered a range of topics including the factors behind decision making, psychological safety, real feedback from real cases and many other topics across the day.

The lectures have been made free to access on Youtube

All lectures in one playlist

Lecture 1 Introduction (M Snowsill and G Reed)

Lecture 2 A patient's perspective (Gordon Patterson and Jonathan Dermott)

Lecture 3 Purposeful Practice (Robbie Lloyd)

Lecture 4 Metacognition (Jon Barratt)

Lectures 5 and 6 Real PHEM Feedback Cases (Grace Reed & Tony Stone)

Lecture 7 Moral Injury (Esther Murray)

Lecture 8 Kindness and a learn not blame culture (Tracy Nicholls)

Lecture 9 Summary and Future (Matt Snowsill & Grace Reed: Panel Q&A)