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PHEM Feedback

Learning from patients, for patients

PHEM (Prehospital Emergency Medicine) Feedback is a project which assists our ambulance and air ambulance colleagues with patient follow up.

For health professionals to learn effectively it makes a big difference to be able to complete the story of the patients they see. We provide further relevant information from the patient's hospital stay so that our prehospital colleagues can put what they saw and did in the community into context through reflective learning.

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The project began in November 2016 and we invested over a year securing support from local and national patient groups, local hospitals, local ambulance services, local air ambulance services, the Health Research Authority and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in order to be compliant with the Data Protection Act, Health and Social Care Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This means that our patients can rest assured that their information is being used responsibly with only the most relevant information being used to further educate the crews who looked after them. We are also accountable to local Caldicott Guardians, patient groups and the Health Research Authority who monitor us on a yearly basis.

We also took this time to develop an educational structure that would best support the wellbeing and education of our colleagues. All requests are scrutinised by a senior member of the ambulance or air ambulance service to make sure they are appropriate in the first instance and then there is a debrief to ensure any areas for improvement or excellent practice can be highlighted constructively.

Following a successful pilot, PHEM Feedback has been selected by the East of England Ambulance Service Trust as their chosen model for ambulance staff feedback and the PHEM Feedback team is actively collaborating with them on many related educational initiatives.

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